Packaged with care

When your PAUME box arrives on your doorstep, you can be sure that each component of our packaging is made with the environment in mind.


Our dispenser is thoughtfully designed to look beautiful in any space. It can be used to dispense the PAUME Exfoliating Hand Cleanser or Antibacterial Hand Gel and refilled using our Refill bags.

Smaller Dispensers + PCR

Our smaller dispensers are made with at least 65% PCR. The 90ml Antibacterial Gel and 250ml Exfoliating Hand Cleanser bottles are both meant to be refilled using our Refill bags.


Our spout pouch bags use 60% less plastic than a bottle. Each bag fills the PAUME Pump twice, or the 90ml Antibacterial Hand Gel Bottle or 250ml Exfoliating Hand Cleanser Bottle multiple times.