Your hands deserve a skincare routine.

Our hands do so much. They help us communicate, build, create, and connect with the world around us. Daily exposure to UV, extreme temperatures, chemicals, germs and bacteria accelerates the aging process, causing hyperpigmentation, chronic dryness, and loss of elasticity, tone and suppleness. They deserve a daily skincare routine with targeted formulas designed to protect, nourish and restore. That's where we come in.

  • Premium ingredients and plant based emollients nourish, clean, hydrate, exfoliate, restore and protect your hands.

  • Our signature blend of essential oils delight our senses with notes of woodsy cedar, crisp citrus, and herbaceous lavender and rosemary.

  • Our design-driven dispensers are either refillable and or made with previous recycled materials. They can be refilled using our Refill Bags.

  • A percentage of each sale funds the removal of plastic waste from landfills, waterways and marine environments where they are recycled and repurposed.


Our targeted formulas balance the purity of clean ingredients, multiple performance benefits, and our luxurious signature scent.

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Modern elevated designs and luxurious natural materials enhance your hand care routine and maximize the benefits of our formulas.

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What is better hand care?

  • PAUME is Certified Plastic Neutral through its partnership with rePurpose Global. A percentage of every sale funds the removal of plastic from landfills, waterways and marine environments to be recycled and repurposed.